About Lloyd Irvin Jr.

Lloyd Irvin is a self made millionaire and is one of the top direct response and internet marketers in the Country. He is also a highly sought after coach and consultant to business owners.

 Lloyd graduated from Bowie State University with a degree in Marketing. He honestly admits that he has never made a single penny from anything that he learned in his marketing classes in college. It wasn't until he started to study marketing greats like Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, and Internet Marketing pioneers Ken McCarthy that he started to make millions of dollars.

 He contributes the start of his direct response marketing/internet career to his friend, marketing genius, Stephen Oliver who introduced him to this wonderful business. Using his business connects Lloyd was able to have one of the most successful Real Estate Investors in the Country personally teach his wife how to invest in Real Estate and now they are teaching people in the Maryland, Virginia And Washington DC area how to invest in Real Estate using the exact techniques that their mentor taught them.

His Achievements

Lloyd is a Legend in the Martial Arts Community and a World Class Martial artist who runs a full time martial arts school in Maryland. His students compete in The Ultimate Fighting Championships and he’s personally coached National, Inter National and Olympic Athletes.

 Lloyd owns several businesses in the real world and is currently involved in internet marketing in over 7 different niche markets.


He loves GOD, his lovely wife Vicki, his son Lloyd III, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, The Brothers Of Omega Psi Phi and regularly travels to Brazil . He loves partying and having fun all of the time. He’s on an unstoppable mission to help as many people succeed as possible.

About Vicki “The Real Estate Investment Queen” Irvin

Vicki "The Real Estate Investment Queen" Irvin addresses attendees at the last Free Seminar

Before discovering how to invest in real estate, Vicki spent her career as a Human Resources Professional. She graduated from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and obtained her Master's Degree in Human Resources Development from Bowie State University.

As an HR Executive, Vicki had a full understanding of company benefits, and how retirement plans were being reduced or eliminated all together. It was witnessing the adverse effects it would have on her future first hand that prompted her to seek an alternative way to secure her retirement. That is when she was introduced to successful real estate investors that taught her the business and walked her through her first lucrative deal.

In turn, Vicki wanted to teach others a simple and easy way to earn money that could secure their future, and afford them a lifestyle that people dream of. And so the "Real Estate Investment Queen" was born.
Vicki enjoys working out, running marathons, rollerblading, and reading. She currently resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland with her husband and son.