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Traditional Retirement Planning Dwindling Away

I have spent my life as a human resources professional, with graduate degrees and certifications in my field. A major part of my career had been dedicated to educating people in the work place on employer sponsored retirement planning vehicles. This typically included 401k, 403b and pension plans. Having worked for several major corporations and associations throughout the DC Metropolitan area, I started noticing an increasing trend... [click to read more]


African American Female Investors, An Untapped Market

Ladies, it's old news that we as black women have risen to become what is considered affluent among our community. According to the 2005 African American Active Investor Study, an increasing number of black investors are actually female, young, and single when compared to other prosperous Americans. Did you also know that an astonishing 58% of affluent African Americans are actually women? ... [click to read more]



Five Ways To Profit In Real Estate Investing

Using the systems that I teach, there are basically five ways to profit in real estate investment. These quick turn transactions fall into five main categories: 1. rehabbing and retailing; 2. wholesaling; 3. getting the deed; 4. lease options; and 5. options... [click to read more]



Construction Loans

You may own a vacant lot and wish that you could add value to it by building a house on it, but you just don't have the funds. Or maybe you do... [click to read more]


Business Partners

Many friendships end when friends become business partners. But many love affairs end with marriages that turn into divorces, too, but that doesn't mean that we should abandon our pursuit of friendship and love. In business good partnerships can be valuable, and when choosing business partners, it is important to keep the focus upon two things: 1) interpersonal compatibility 2) what the partner brings to the table in terms of business assets ... [click to read more]



Advantage of Incorporation

If you're going into the investment business, incorporation is not mandatory, but may be prudent. Most companies exist in order to either organize their financial affairs and taxes, or to shield their participants from liability... [click to read more]



Estate Sales and Auctions

Estate sales and auctions are an often-overlooked source of investment property, and part of the reason that they are not so well known or covered may be that they are a bit obscure. Whereas most property is sold in conventional ways, by advertising in the multiple listing service or local newspapers and magazines, estate and auction property is generally sold with less exposure, or with exposure to an audience that may not include many investors...[click to read more]




Foreclosure happens when a homeowner stops making payments to their mortgage company, for whatever reason, and the mortgage company repossesses the property according to legal rights signed over when the loan was first established...[click to read more]



Using Staging Companies to Sell Property

A staging company has nothing to do with stagecoaches, and very little to do with theatre productions. But it does have some similarity to theatre, in that staging a house is sort of like turning it into a Hollywood set, for a short period of time. Just like TV and movie sets that look permanent but are not, a staged house is one that is given an interior decorating makeover, long enough to attract attention and close the sale...[click to read more]



Lease-to-Own Contracts

Lease to own contracts are not frequently used, but they still hold a special place within the world of real estate buying and selling. They are especially attractive and functional for those who own property as landlords, but may want to sell it eventually. And they work well for their tenants, who may be saving up to buy the home they are renting...[click to read more]



Interest Only Loans

Interest only loans are back, after being out of favor and pretty much nonexistent for decades. Originally popularized during the Roaring 20s, these loans are structured like an ordinary loan, except that the borrower does not have to pay any principle - only interest - for a set number of years...[click to read more]



Get Rich on Ugly Houses

We are conditioned to think that the wealthy real estate moguls got that way through glittery, glam, and gilded mansions. In reality, many of the world's rich and famous arrived via the ugly ducklings in the multiple listing service. Buying ugly houses is profitable, for those who know how to see beyond the blemishes and cosmetic flaws...[click to read more]



Highest and Best Use of Property

Sometimes the way you intend to use a property can stand in the way of your investment goals, whether you realize it or not. Highest and best use - a term used by real estate professionals - refers to the concept that every piece of property has potential, and to maximize its potential is the goal of an astute investor...[click to read more]


When should you opt for a mortgage refinance?

Mortgage refinance is a good option if you want to enjoy better rates on your existing mortgage loan. There are different reasons why you may opt for mortgage refinancing. It may be for better rates or for availing some extra cash that can be used for fulfilling your other financial obligations. If you are planning to move away to another location and if you are planning to opt for mortgage refinance, it may not be the right decision to take. Refinancing your mortgage is a good option if you intend to stay on for a longer period....[click to read more]

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